How we work

EX/AGE Ventures specializes in transforming life science patents and ideas into companies by bridging the gap between academia and venture capitalists.

We involve founders willing to share equity, build spin-offs, and validate markets for existing clients. With a history of creating new business lines, EX/AGE aims to incubate startups, provide revenue streams to patent holders, and maintain patent exclusivity.

We manage new ventures for three years, raise capital, retain equity in spin-offs, and publish annual calls for established spin-offs to apply.

EX/AGE Ventures scouts academia for patents, creates new ventures, and builds custom startups for clients in the life sciences industry, leveraging personal networks for client acquisition.

gray concrete wall inside building
gray concrete wall inside building
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white and black abstract painting

Vision and Mission

Our company is a venture catalyst that transforms life science patents and academic ideas into market-disrupting companies by fostering partnerships between inventors and investors.

Customers, primarily academic researchers and institutions, experience the pain of underutilized intellectual property due to the chasm between academic innovation and commercial application. Current solutions involve traditional technology transfer offices that may lack the agility and market insight to effectively commercialize research.

The eureka moment came with the realization that a dedicated entity could serve as a conduit between academia and venture capital, providing the expertise, network, and resources to build companies around promising patents.

Our value proposition is unique in its focus on life sciences and its comprehensive approach to company-building, which is designed to endure through continuous market validation and adaptation.

The timing is ripe due to the increasing pace of scientific discovery, the demand for innovation in healthcare, and the availability of venture capital for life sciences. Previously, the complexity of the industry and the specialized knowledge required may have deterred such focused venture creation.

The market potential is vast, targeting academic institutions with under-leveraged patents and investors seeking entry into the life sciences sector. We are inventing a market for streamlined, efficient conversion of patents into profitable ventures.

Competition comes from traditional technology transfer offices and other venture creation firms. Our competitive edge lies in our specialized focus, agility, and established networks within the life sciences and venture capital communities.

In five years, we envision having built a robust portfolio of thriving life science companies, each originating from academic patents, contributing to healthcare innovation, and delivering significant returns to our stakeholders.

Our business model involves equity retention in the companies we help create, providing a continuous revenue stream as these companies grow and succeed. We also offer services to validate markets and build custom startups for clients.

The team comprises seasoned entrepreneurs, scientists, and venture capitalists with a track record of successful company creation and deep industry knowledge.

Financials are based on a combination of service fees, equity stakes in the created companies, and potential exits from successful ventures.